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2 hours ago


A thirst for adventure lives in all of us. 🐶
📷: The Sea Kayaker Mexicano
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A thirst for adventure lives in all of us. 🐶
📷: The Sea Kayaker Mexicano

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I wanna buy a very durable underwater Go Pro that takes excellent pics, any recommendations ????

John Gizzi I thought this was you and your dog for a good minute lol

Renée Pyles....this looks like something you and geezy would do

Leo and Finola Maximo and jimmysadventures await.

Looks like he's been in a time or two, ha what a good pup!

Gianluca eccoci!!! ❤️😂

Darlene looks like Fred!




Lore Simoen

Margot Dixon

Emili Yepes Rios

Jasmina Jess Lovrič

Gus Gray

Allison Swigert

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5 hours ago


GoPro - Wingsuit Flight Between Skyscrapers
Video of the Day: Coming in hot! Professionals daredevils, Brandon Mikesell + Ben Verde, carve their way through the Panama City skyline at 130mph.
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GoPro - Wingsuit Flight Between Skyscrapers

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GoPro I just brought a hero 5 black. What were the settings for this fun clip?

Melanie Barata deixas-me fazer isto??


Awesome Ben Verde

Kurt Binnig Douglas Sodetani Brendan Wilde

Keith O'Connor

Joseph Quintana

Danie Pham

Terry Morici

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8 hours ago


Photo of the Day: Lola Picot cruising the waters of #Teahupoo on a peaceful day with surf photographer, Sylvain Labeyrie. ... See MoreSee Less

Photo of the Day: Lola Picot cruising the waters of #Teahupoo on a peaceful day with surf photographer, Sylvain Labeyrie.

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Lets not pretend this is anything other then a booty shot

Bob is a douche. Bob doesn't have many friends. Bob thinks about making love to flowers. But would never violate them. They might sue Don't be like Bob

Wonder if the girl in the pic is OK with this violation. Logic would say no but males wouldn't understand that. I hope she sues the photographer and GoPro. But the judges and jury would also be male so their feelings will get in teh way. They will probably talk it out in the bathroom with each other and make a deal with the pervert. At least if that's in the US.

I'm betting that she knew exactly what she looked like when she put that swimsuit on. It's call self exploitation and if she wasn't okay with it, I bet she wouldn't be letting some dude follow her around with a camera that closely without a go to hell look!

This is the picture of the day!!!!!! I'm glad your company allows and condones breaking of the law and helping to destroy an already fragile ecosystem.

Oh come on ladies, if it was a hunky guy there would be zero complaints !

I already have gopro hero 3 black. Is it worth upgrading to current newest gopro? Are there much difference in picture quality? If i upgrade can I use any of the accessories I bought like the protective shells , lcd screen attachments etc?

Really GoPro? Couldnt put something else then a picture of a unknown girls ass on there?

Nice hills and valleys...

Hey I found my long lost flotation device

It's kind of like foothills leading up to the mountains! Very smooth, nice foothills!

Pretty sad that y'all have to show naked women to promote your cameras!🤦‍♂️

chez moi ça

Ohhh nice mountains 😍😍😍🍑

I have go pro 5 be a. HERO is not working good! sometimes! 😡😧

Look at that double humped white whale surfacing!!! Wow!

How much is that butt?


Answer to your messages please! GoPro

Nice bum where ya from?

That ass .oh sorry that mountain.. 😎

Max Pass NC

Nice rolling hills... 😁😍

Are you assuming their gender? The name could be "Lola"

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1 day ago


GoPro - Biplane Aerobatics
Video of the Day: Video of the Day: What happens when you combine a #GoPro with an aerobatic biplane + a world record holding pilot? Let Spencer Suderman Airshows show you. 👀 ♻️ 😮
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GoPro - Biplane Aerobatics

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GoPro what you need to do is videos where you show where and how the hell you mount all the cameras! :P I have a few GoPros, but can never seem to think of all the ways te securely mount them to get a great point of view with minimum risk of losing the cameras, as my inventory isn't as large as yours! ;)

What you get is a terrible fish-eyed distortion of a pilot with skills that deserves better quality!

I love the stabilized mount shots, those are hilarious!.

Or: how to confuse a gyro mount in two or more control inputs.

Krist Sieb comment y fais pour avoir sa camera stable de meme?

Julian Cano Vomiting is prohibited!

I saw a plane doing this at hemet ca..

I just about tossed my cookies🤢. But great vid!

This is for you Sofia Tosta

Chris Salazar GoPro on a gimbal!

Bryan Turner Brandon Rosser

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1 day ago


Photo of the Day: Jose Antonio García Giménez savors the crisp morning air above a sea of clouds. ... See MoreSee Less

Photo of the Day: Jose Antonio García Giménez savors the crisp morning air above a sea of clouds.

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Is this one of your investors trying to forget and relax? Lmao

Dommage pour les Chemtrails en fond...😟🤢 Sans ça...magnifique...!!🙄

Your products and customer service still suck.

Gorgeous shot!



Thought that was Leonardo DiCaprio at first

Кевин Жлотс

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The High Fives Foundation & Joey Logano Foundation have teamed up to provide relief to young athletes set back by unforeseen circumstances. Check out their pages to see how you can get involved.

High Fives Foundation
The Joey Logano Foundation inspires and assembles the NASCAR community to assist children and young adults in need during times of crisis. Their dedication to providing relief for those in unforeseen circumstances makes them an ideal partner for the High Fives Foundation. Over the past 3 years, JLF has donated $53,000 and once-in-lifetime memories, such as inviting athletes to join professional NASCAR drivers on the go-kart track.
Now #HighFivesAthletes want to say THANK YOU to Joey Logano! Drive fast this Sunday!
Shot 100% on GoPro #goprohero5 by Generikal Design
... See MoreSee Less

High Fives Foundation

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Awesome very informative

Martin Edström takes us into the fragile dynamic of a lion pride.
Shot 100% on #GoPro

National Geographic
Watch as a young lion and his mother struggle with their pride’s alpha male in this stunning 360° film by National Geographic Explorer Martin Edström.
... See MoreSee Less

National Geographic

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This vid would have been even better had it not been for the thumbs up and hearts floating around in it.

I love this 360 stuff....the next wave in how we view things

this is awesome with google daydream vr my god its 3d and can look around

poor Gibson but it's the only way he will survive!

That was cool. Thanks.

was this shot with fusion or gopro "ball?"

Awesome! 👍😍

Thais Mori check this out and scroll around. awesome

It's a fusion or omni? Or 6 gopro in rig? ;)


fusion or omni ?

Julien Côté je veux une GoPro! Haha les lions 😍😍

Kristi Oliver Hey Mrs. Oliver.. from Film Photography to this... haha

Brittany Neal thought of you when I saw this!!

Clément Lietart celui là est stylé de 360!

Amanda this is pretty cool!

Just a nice video Anne-Linde Joki

Menezla damn m8

Tina Stone so cool

Debra Alfano

Corine Côté-Gasse

Feri Kovács

Davide Fernandez

Simone Sharman

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2 days ago


Photo of the Day: Slice and dice. Brandon C Thomas froze the action while digging into a proper butter. Anyone hitting the lake this weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

Photo of the Day: Slice and dice. Brandon C Thomas froze the action while digging into a proper butter. Anyone hitting the lake this weekend?

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I will be!

Your customer support is terrible. You don't respond to chats or calls. How is one supposed to ask about the status of their order? I ordered the camera last week and it still hasn't been shipped.

Ori Zitiati יש מי שמעביר את הסופש ככה ויש מי שנוסע לכרמים... 🤔

That's not butter ..

So sick




Mario León


Watch and subscribe:

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3 days ago


GoPro Awards: Italy from Above in 4K
Slow down + relax to a 4k #TBT above the peaceful landscapes of Italy. Lukas Kusstatscher earned a GoPro Award for this masterpiece. Want to get involved? Share your content with us at
... See MoreSee Less

GoPro Awards: Italy from Above in 4K

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Slow down & relax.....with less than 40mins to capture anything in 4k powered by the typical battery. Sorry GoPro....but you're not making improvements where they're actually needed.....The battery life & heat build up, above all.

Good Morning, I’m not a big fan of posting stuff on facebook but there is no customer service email to reach you guys. Yesterday I bought the GoPro Hero Session. I was very excited to use it and placed it on my helmet to make some nice motorbike trips. Unfortunately my helmet is a system helmet and right after I placed the GoPro carefully I found out I can’t open the helmet anymore. There is nowhere in the manual how to place the mount. I was quite disappointed that this happened to me, since I really carefully placed the mount in order to be sure the thing was correctly placed. I contacted the customer service and spoke to Rafael R. After telling him that it would be useful to put a warning/comment in the manual to make clients aware where to put the mount, to avoid this silly problem in the future. He answered like this: “As you may understand, Willem, we cannot cover all types of helmets on the manual.” I told him that I was expecting a bit more from GoPro. Then he answered like this: “I'm sorry if you feel disappointed with my service, Willem. But this is tantamount to placing a mount in front of a door.” Woww.. if you answer a client like this in my business it’s your last day for sure. I hope this is an incident and not the way you guys treat clients in general, but my image of GoPro definitely changed.

I just wish you all would come out with something innovative in your market segment. something more interactive. Great picture and all, but just a hassle to use and upload with todays standards

2:35 it couldn't be done on GoPro camera. It shot could only be take with camera that have zoom. ...

your link for doesn't work...

Rachel McGill this will be me with my GoPro in Italy

$399.99 No Thank You. GoPro drop the price a little bit so I can afford to loose a few more again ;)

Get off of Facebook and Instagram and work on answering your damn phones. Customer service blows a left nut 😡

What do you people think about the GoPro 5 Session?!?! I'm thinking about buying it and thought I'd ask! Thanks

Any solution for "Server error" on gopro www site?

Customer service sucks! 😐😑

So they filmed this with a DJI :P

Just beautiful!

Tebourski Hosn somewhere like these

4k woow

Planets best fan

Kate CurranRita Carten Curran next summer


Просто Так посматри)

Michela Johnson

Thao Rose

Adam Richardson

Adrian Lafuente

Spencer Mayne

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3 days ago


GoPro Awards: Airplane Failure Marriage Proposal
Video of the Day: Hold onto your seat belts + heart strings as things go unplanned — just as planned. Congrats to Katherine + #GoProAwards recipient Anthony Bordignon. Best of luck!
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GoPro Awards: Airplane Failure Marriage Proposal

Comment on Facebook

Great video. Wish I could be taking some. But, after hours of useless conversation with horrible Support Techs they agreed to exchange my camera. Now I can't reach anyone to find out the status. The issues on my Hero5 have all been software related.

Dude. Don't marry this chic my man. The first 3 things she said to you once she figured out what was going on was, I hate you, holy F*** and you're such an idiot! Not you're crazy or insane but an idoit! Not to mention she didn't even say yes and she just seems like a...

They are two opposites- he takes pleasure and thinks he is Joe Cool-by messing with her. Narcissism always has a tough landing when it runs out of fuel- which it always does.

Nope sorry brother what you did way awesome but her reaction says she may not be the one.

I dont know if she said yes.... Did she say yes? She just asked for a kiss and was mad.

She just said yes because she was stuck in a plane with you... 😂


She seems more high maintenance than the airplane...

Adam Cutts i'm such a sap. (ONLY BECAUSE OF OUR SON) but i cried lol SO cute (:

Adam maybe one day you could do something like this.

Damn near a perfect copy of another video on YouTube from a couple years ago.....

Elliot.. brings back some memories. Minus the whole proposal thing

Tssss, hij had ook een bloemetje uit de sloot kunnen plukken... 😂 Karin Kuijpers

Fuckin stupid waste of my time! A fuckin marriage proposal of two morons I don't even know! Note to self "stop clicking on stupid shit!"

Lindsay Gallant This is you in the plane freaking out and also calling me an idiot

Cool video GoPro, now get your stocks back up so I don't take a huge hit from you.

She'll remember that one for the rest of her life, eah!👍

Carmen Ella Coulombe you're not the only one to call your man an idiot !

Now thats one epic way to start off a life together. !!

I could have done this if I was thinking better Shelly Harapat

Gopro is a ripofff.

How does a Holy F%ck looks like?


Mick Goals

David Klein I would have killed you.

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3 days ago


Photo of the Day: When sitting on the beach doesn't quite cut it for you.
📷: Herbie Rassi
... See MoreSee Less

Photo of the Day: When sitting on the beach doesnt quite cut it for you. 
📷: Herbie Rassi

Comment on Facebook

What setting do they use for shoots like this? Mine doesn't come out clear like this. Is it set on Potune or filter is use?

Kim Masters maybe all parasailers are held up by that little knot lol


Where was this taken?

Emerick Driant ! Ta photo "air Gabon" est encore mieux ! ;)


Over Gili islands that's Meno! Savannah Youngs Hannes Laan Philippa Sully

Odin Rens

Mikayla Roberts

Jonathan Couillard

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4 days ago


Photo of the Day: Well, there are worse places to wreck a ship. Ahmed Khadimallah discovered this scenic marvel while exploring the inviting waters of Tunisia. ... See MoreSee Less

Photo of the Day: Well, there are worse places to wreck a ship. Ahmed Khadimallah discovered this scenic marvel while exploring the inviting waters of Tunisia.

Comment on Facebook

Chat Conversation Start 5:24PM The customer service is horrible, I've been more than an hour on the phone waiting for someone to answer, the chat is the same I placed an order the 18th, on the order said that I will receive the order the 22, but you have not ship the item yet... Can you help?

Hey are you guys even working today? ...or at all? Ive been on hold for over a hour with customer support and you guys haven't replied to any of my emails for my case.

Mohamed Slim Hihi moush mtaa kelibia hedhi ? haahah

je suis curieux de savoir comment arriver à ce résultat avec une simple Gopro...

sidi manseur ,hammem ghezaz ,Tunisie <3 you welcome <3

sidi mansour hammem lghzez , nabeul , tunisie 😍😍

Best beach in the world 👍🌊🌅

Sidi Mansour Beach - Kelibia - Tunisia <3

Ines Zairi قلبي الصغير لا يتحمل ❤

Beautiful shot, using a dome on the GoPro.

Sidi mansour sod lobna gassrine yamen

Marina moramo jednu ovakvu 📷 😎

Evo one fore što smo bili primjetili kada nagneš kupolu malo više prema vodi :-D


How do you do that shot?

Awesome! (y)

This is an amazing photo! 😍


Gzim Shabani a je shku n'ksamil a?

Brutal esa foto!!!

Dome ?

Manou sick!

Helen Alonso 😍😍😍


Mayte Solis

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4 days ago


Namaste, it's #InternationalYogaDay. Don't forget to step away from stress to breathe, stretch + become the best pretzel you can be.
📷: Iván Cervantes
... See MoreSee Less

Namaste, its #InternationalYogaDay. Dont forget to step away from stress to breathe, stretch + become the best pretzel you can be.
📷: Iván Cervantes

Comment on Facebook

Between International Yoga Day, and World Giraffe Day... June 21st should be a day off! I think I'll wait for someone else in the office to bring the issue up however :-/

The LORD would not allow His people to even covet or bring into their house the silver or gold from the graven images of idols and gods. Because it was an abomination to Him. If they did bring it to their home it would be a curse to them and destruction would come. (Deut 7:25-26)

It's Yoga day, Giraffe day, Aboriginal Day, First Day of summer, Selfie day.. Can we spread this shit out?

squirrel suits, parque, and now this. i'll look you up later GoPro - I've had enough of these dumbass posts

I'm going to see if my wife Karen Leivan will do this right now

Bahot I know this ?! He is after a movie 太平輪 his family was probably the most powerful taican on the track now he alway have a bird on his shoulder I didt like that

Michael Peeper, the newest yoga master.

Is this you Cory Ann? 🤗

No stress ? go windsurfing

I hate trying put your boat cover on when it's windy.

We will be professional pretzels by the end😂 🙌🏻


Abedah Aiden 😱 Happy Yoga Day 🌸


Melinda Wright I challenge you 😏

Sanne Grootenhaar Marlies Gerrits 😂 succes!


Ashley Toole

Kale Dankenbring Heidi Plumb

Laura Zinn

Deb St

Jasmina Jess Lovrič

Nofar Ben Califa

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Mammoth Mountain Motocross Course Preview
12 year old ripper Ryder DiFrancesco takes us through the Mammoth Motocross track in this GoPro course preview. Read More:
... See MoreSee Less

Mammoth Mountain Motocross Course Preview

Comment on Facebook

I can remember riding that track when it was smooth like that during practice. Back in the day you could launch off the downhill. Nothing greater than Mammoth freshly groomed

That's awesome Yea I wish I could ride again ,it would probably do me in.but loved it,this is my favorite out door sport, besides watching surfing and skiing.

Little or no ruts don't you wish all the tracks were that smooth come race day

Cory Couch listen to the lovely sound of that 2 stroke..

Awesome wish I grew up doing that stuff

excellence in awesomeness

Robin... Lilly over 11 jaar?!

Chris McCauley little trip down memory lane for ya

Craig Croot i'll never forget Mammoth


Luke Hansen I miss being outside and riding bikes

Never thought they would S-X mammoth out. Sad

so how they do that MPH meter and map trail on right side?

There's not very much to the track.... pretty flat

Well done Ryder D!!!!!

Christopher Cordle🤙🏼

Jared Baranowski cmon big JERD

Crystal Parker Phillips


Andy Brown

James Sheffield

Sara Hardin

Tyler Sheldon

Tim O'Connor

Kris Clark

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5 days ago


We don't know much about Juan Di Stasio's FBI friend, Fede, but something tells us that he's a good boy. ... See MoreSee Less

We dont know much about Juan Di Stasios FBI friend, Fede, but something tells us that hes a good boy.

Comment on Facebook

I wish I could take a picture of my dog. But my GoPro Hero 5 has been a disaster and I can't find out where my replacement. No one answers tech support or calls back. Poor product worse support!

This picture was right after he had a cat snack ;-)

Do the new cameras really crap out at a high rate? I see so many unresolved complaints on Facebook. Dudes- resolve your issues.

Haha! Look at the smile on that guy!

that's a great smile

What a great smile. (y)

Sophie Goodman

Chili Hopkins

Caitlin Stein

Únés L'bb

Dārta Larionova

Ana Irwin

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