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5 hours ago


GET ⬆️ to THROW ⬇️

👀 Windmills, posterizing jams, and much much more! Relive all of the BEST DUNKS of the NBA 2K League season so far.
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6 hours ago


It's been a WNBA season for the ages already... but 2018's just heating up.

We're here to WORK. #WatchMeWork

🏀 #WNBAAllStar: July 28, 3:30 pm/et, ABC
🏀 #WNBAPlayoffs begin August 21
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Amanda this could be us, but papildporcija > papildus izrāviens

I’d rather watch Friends than the WNBA. Which is saying something as Friends is one of the worst shows to ever exist.

Lucinda add it to the calendar 😎

Dike dike

Lalai Inopiquez

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7 hours ago


360 slams, insane reverses & MONSTER blocks, all courtesy of Victor Oladipo! 💪💪 ... See MoreSee Less


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Superstar in the making!!!!!!! #SLICKVIC

Magic messed up bad :(

Slicktor “feathery” Oladipo


High level

Jonas Urbanavičius

Same Shirt

Vinzent Dorn

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8 hours ago


The first coach to win an NBA and ABA championship! We remember Hall of Famer, Alex Hannum, on his birthday. ... See MoreSee Less

The first coach to win an NBA and ABA championship! We remember Hall of Famer, Alex Hannum, on his birthday.


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Lebron is the fist head coach and NBA player to win a championship so??

Mj is a fraud i have proof LeBron is still the goat

Ajoutez Bosstruk sur snap il est tres fort avec ses matchs arrangés

NBA - St. Louis Hawks Philadelphia 76ers ABA - Oakland Oaks


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9 hours ago


😲😲‼️ From Stephen Curry & Kevin Durant's circus shots to a RIDICULOUS off-the-backboard oop by LeBron James, THESE were the best plays of the #NBAFinals! ... See MoreSee Less


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And now Boogie man is with us? back to back to back baby!

Es un espectáculo verlo jugar al igual que Stephen curry es una maravilla tenerlos en la NBA cuando se vayan esto no va a ser lo mismo

So what who cares big deal

they have posted this same video like 10 times...

Lonzo Ball LeBron James Brandon Ingram Kyle Kuzma Javale McGee

Kevin Durant is coming home to Seattle Cause the NBA is coming back to Seattle

Čhęmsøü Ã Lä Bīën haw lik stephen curry

Just came to see haters say snake back to back champs mvp baby

Lebron James doesn't play any defense

At any given time, the GSW install 5 players on the court to ATHLETICALLY and INTELLIGENTLY outperform their opponents. This is the real WARRIORS that

LeBron is a 🐍

The king Lebron James 😎

Lukáš Lukyn Gellan jestli chceš začít hrát basket tak se nauč takhle dunkovat a já ti budu na ně nahrávat 😂😂

Thought lebron had a broken hand wow what a baby excuse making loser

4-0 😭😭😭😭


This was lebrons game 1, they shouldve won

GSW!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆 Coming Soon!!!



Ajoutez Bosstruk sur snap il est tres fort avec ses matchs arrangés

incredibile che fenomeno..


Lebron James Top Plays Actually 😂

Carolyn Price

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10 hours ago


👀 the BEST of the #NBASummer #MountainDew #KickstartRisingStars! ... See MoreSee Less


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Watch the suns for the next few seasons. They're doin it right.

Alexander Palivos bro I swear the average vert increases every year

No Derrick Jones Jr? Wow dude was the most fun to watch.

Per me hanno problemi di equilibrio fra tutti Francesco Agaccio

QUE TE PARECE ESTE Saul Andres Chube Salvatierra Roberto Justiniano Matorra Luis Salazar Paz Arsael Vargas Alexander Ramos Moreno

Not one highlight for Mitchell Robinson is a crime 🤦‍♂️

Karolis pirms dejimas nu nx

Dami Apoeso that first dunk tho

Cláudio Junior

Pietro Gastaldo


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11 hours ago


From high-flying slams to monstrous swats, check out Joel Embiid's top plays of the 2017-18 regular season! ... See MoreSee Less


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I’ve not seen a legit BIG move like this since the DREAM...I pray that he stays healthy for his entire career so we can enjoy more highlights

Joel ER Patient Embiid top plays should include him laying in a bed in the EMERGENCY ROOM at different locations.

Why’s it look like he traveled on Randle?

Westbrook still has a nightmare 😂😂

He's like a 2k created player. Does everything..

who cares???

Most complete 5 in the NBA and he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential.

Putting all the bigs in a blender

Was not good in playoffs! All talked big man!😂

sir Victor Castulo Dapon tan awa gwapo tan awon, lahi ra jud ang big man nga naay footwork. nindut ni kay corpuz hahahaha

Ravi Rao dunk all over the Cs next season

He had a great year and stayed healthy, the future looks bright for Philly

Luis Yordani 🤔 su estilo es muy conocido (dream shake) H .Olajuwon

Plays like a throwback .....nice highlight reel

Big guy with a great foot work. "the process" has been processed.

Allen Dalisay bro embiid is naaaaasty

Suheil Afg "i mean im 7'2, im a big dude, ion think u wanna mess with me" lol

Shaqtin the fool mvp right there

0:40 that was beautiful footwork.

Asaf Birger in the process we trust

Antoine I believe I can fly

Beast 😈😈😈

Fabio Mendes só veja o primeiro lance

Demonte Benjamin on God the first 2 moves I always get people wit😂

Theo George I miss watching this 😞

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13 hours ago


🔥🔥🔥 Ben Simmons, Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell & ALL the best plays from an INCREDIBLE rookie class! 💪🏽 ... See MoreSee Less


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To those people saying Ben don't deserve to win the ROY you better shut up he'll win it again this coming season.

Better class than the 2003 class that included the biggest choker in NBA/Sports history 3-6 #LechokeJames #Bronsexuals 3-6 tears a day reduces constipation by up to 36% ⬇️⬇️💦💦

Tatum on lebron 💪💪

Mitchell will be the next Russell Westbrook, Tatum the next Paul George.

Why is Ben Simmons on a rookie highlight reel?

for me best rookie ever is.kyrie

Did LBJ just get dunked on by a guy half his size??

Simmons isn't from the same class

who cares???

ben simmons actually wasn't from the same rookie class though

Tatum's game is so smooth, and fundamentally sound, Simmons's IQ/playmaking/combination/ of size is unreal, and Mitchell is a pure athlete with an outside shot. Man, what a class.

Alan Meds esses cara com 19/20 anos tão fazendo isso... imagina daqui uns 3 anos...

That moment when Jason Tatum dunked on LBJ 🙌🏼 Oscar Samuel

Ben Simmons expected to be the first back to back rookie of the year, wow! 😵

Ben Simmons is a lock to win the next 10 rookie of the year awards. He’ll def be better than other rookies next year.

Ben Simmons is not in this years draft class, but I guess they have to keep pushing the agenda to make him into the next favorite player

You heard it here first.... Ben Simmons will the first player in NBA history to win ROTY back to back... #TrustTheProcess

Tatum dunking on lebron will always be my favorite play of this past playoffs

Congrats to Donovan Mitchell on his made for TV award he won last night. Mighty nice consolation prize from the good people at Disney.

Still think Mitchell should’ve won ROY for his performance against OKC alone.I see you 45

roty it should be Donovan !!

Ben Simmons isn't belong to the class! delete it! 😂😂😂

finally showing tatums dunk on lebron I see

Simmons traveled

The future is in good hands.

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14 hours ago


Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to 6x All-Star, LaMarcus Aldridge! #NBABDay ... See MoreSee Less

Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to 6x All-Star, LaMarcus Aldridge! #NBABDay


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A year ago, who would've thought LA would still be a Spur and Kawhi would force his way out.

Portland fans feel the same way about LA that Spurs fans now feel about Kawhi

who cares???

Happy bday the real starplayer of spurs

Happy Birthday Flower Boy

Happy birthday good luck this season big guy!

Im 5'7 and i play power forward because of this dude 😂 Happy Birthday Lamarcus

Happy Birthday.Expecting so much big thinks to happen this year

maybe future hall of famer

So blessed this waste of a player never signed with the Lakers.

At least they dont have to deal with the kawhi drama anymore

Happy Birthday LaMarcus! Age is just a number and you back up those numbers proving everybody wrong just like last season. Look forward to you and DeRozans team up!

Happy Birthday, Big Man.. God Bless You, Man !! #HBDLaMarcus !! 👏🏀

Happy Birthday LA!

Happy birthday sweetie hope you have a blessed day.

Happy birthday God blesses you for your hard work

Happy Birthday LaMarcus Aldridge! 🎉🎂🍻🍺 Cheers! #GoSpursGo 🏀💪

If he sign with the rockets maybe he got the ring already

The center that i like of style of style

Happy birthday Lamarcus!

Happy birthday LMA 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Happy birthday and Hook 'Em!!!!!

happy birthday LA! <3

Happy Birthday babyLA...😍😘😘😘😘

Happy Birthday Honey🍓😘🍓

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15 hours ago


Victor Oladipo - Jrue Holiday - Robert Covington - Anthony Davis - Rudy Gobert

👀 the BEST PLAYS from the 2017-18 NBA All-Defense First Team!
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Oladipo blocking Dwight Howard 😧

What about Capela?

Ad is robbed. He should be the dpoy.

My boy Rudy Gobert. #DefensivePlayeroftheYear. #StifleTower.

If Gobert played when Wilt did he would have easily averaged 50/30/7 every single game.

Where your shoes?

Josh Richardson > covington

who cares???

Block party😂😂😂

No CP3???

PG13 should’ve made this over Covington

Szkoda ze nie blondyn Gobert

Cuse Pittman Solo Dee

Jubert Tuya

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16 hours ago


⚠️ Watch your head! ⚠️

Check out the BEST jams, slams and alley-oops from #NBASummer!
... See MoreSee Less


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who cares???

0:30 what an amazing travel! :D

Patrick Herzog alter wie hammer junge 😮😮😮😮😮

Viktor Nevers overvej det første, hahahah

Philippos Diakos

Ben Lovell

Antonius KHouri

Matheus Keven

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17 hours ago


🚫👀 Nikola Jokić's best NO-LOOK passes of his entire career! 🚫👀 ... See MoreSee Less


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How many times has this been posted lol

"of his entire NBA career"

Newsflash to the guys who know nothing of basketball, all no-look passes require you to first look to find your teammate then look away before the opponent noticed you spotted your teammate before passing.

He looked before all those passes.

É monstro ele, joga muito, tava discutindo com uma amigo esses dias quem era melhor, o Marc Gasol ou ele....pivozão moderno, esse ano os Nuggets vem pra playoffs, isso é certo.

This guy is seriously underrated. Love his game.

Just hit me that this dude may be the most underrated player in the NBA.

I can't help but imagine what it would be like if he played for the Warriors. Some kind of transcendental basketball.

Simmer down this is only part of the mans entourage of skills, respect the game

90% of these assists are finished by faried, the guy who coach Malone refused to play and the front office was hellbent on trading away Zach Deller

Best passing big man in the game

Nandit why they calling u nikola wtf??

Matthew Pugsley Muir I feel like you would appreciate this.

Hey NBA if you are gonna post this again make sure to include his highlight passes last season because this is only his first 2 seasons highlights, he has more than this

Carlos Eduardo Lembra que eu tinha te falado de um cara alto que dava passes de John stockton.. É esse cara aí, Jokic... Hahahahaha

i think jokic was suposed to be in the all-star game ??? haha wonder what happend

Dave OBrien if you want to watch a compilation of a good passer. Check this out

He will be top 5 in mvp voting next year.

Now all they have to do is make the postseason.

I think that's the 264th time you post this man

Nose que espera el Thunder en tirar la casa por la ventana por Jokic jaja vg

Great passes, but YouTube Charles Hollman in AAU and you will see greatness

I will take him over any other big man in the league right now

Nikola translates to No-look.....don't Google translate it just take my word lol

This man highlight is so entertaining

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19 hours ago


Let's spin back the BEST CLUTCH SHOTS from the 2017-2018 Regular Season!

Fill in the blank ... "When the game's on the line, I want ____________ taking the shot."
... See MoreSee Less


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Jr Smith

That first “steal” by Giannis always bothers me. He’s using both hands, one to hold CJ and the other to jab for the ball. Grabbing and poking repeatedly and no foul call. Hard to respect a “clutch” shot when I don’t think you deserved it.

All time MJ, then Kobe. Current has to be Curry.

King James

Dame. Of course. No one does it better! Lillard time

Imagine Paul Goerge back on the Pacers with ya boi at Guard !!!

Wolves Vs Thunder, look at KAT and PG13. I wont say more... 🙄

Dame time

Kevin Durant. He can get his shot off over anybody at any time from anywhere.

Dwight Howard of course. Stone-cold killer from 28-feet out!

Where the reach at in the beginning of the video

Kobe!! For three!!! bang!! 👌

It’s amazing how the NBA came out and said there was no foul on the first highlight. Hands all over him resulting in a steal but they said it was “incidental contact”.

I'm a warriors fan but you gotta go with Dame in the clutch!

Lillard is the most understatedly clutch player in the NBA today

"When the game's on the line, I want JR Smith to have that ball."😎🔒

I'm going with KD for present players. Jordan for past players

Even tho Greek freak fouled him but okay

the first clip was nothing but fouls. are you serious?!?!?!?!

Pray for me I'm cured I lose two tumor near the esophagus for prolonged life

Durant. Can create his own shot against anybody and from any point of the court.

It's Kousta Koufos 1 legged turn around 25 feet fade away jumper swish.

the greek freak is like so loyal to bucks that he will retire without any ring. hahahaha

Giannis fouled on that steal.

Another great compilation of Portland Trail Blazers fails. Thanks again NBA, for your regularly scheduled trolling.

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21 hours ago


Donovan Mitchell - Ben Simmons - Jayson Tatum - Kyle Kuzma - Lauri Markkanen

👀 the BEST of the 2017-2018 NBA All-Rookie 1st Team!

Preseason prediction time! Who will make this year's NBA All-Rookie 1st Team?
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Where's Lebron?

Of all the players drafted in 2017 and playing in their first season, Mitchell was the best by miles. True #ROY

Kalimutan muna yan sige sige mag libang wag kang mag pa ka hibang dapat ay itawa lang ang problema sa babae dapat di ininda hayaan mo sila ang mag habol sayo diba sabi ko naman sayu lahat yan nag loloko pag katapos kang pakinabangn biglang lalayu ohh ohh kaya wag ng uulit pa kaya wag ng uulit pa

For some reason.. I don't like simmons. He's gonna be ok, he can't shoot at all though. I think Tatum is gonna be a better scorer. And Mitchell is out of this world too.

Kuzma doesn’t deserve to be in the list for the same reasons Westbrook couldn’t be MVP

Donovan Mitchell is stated before Ben Simmons as we all agree Mitchell should have been the ROY

Ben Simmons, Back to back ROY award.

Pls land safely every time Mitchell 🙏🏻 I really love his game


Why Lonzo's name not in the list? I saw him in the vid! Oh..


G Collin Sexton G Trae Young F Kevin Knox F Marvin Bagley C DeAndre Ayton

Mitchell is a beast. Just love watching him especially when he dunks. That height though!😱

Simmons goes along so perfectly I didn’t even notice anything wrong about it

Every highlight reel starts with this Mitchell putbackdunk

Donovan Mitchell oha be kardeşim. Defalarca karşıma çıktın hala daha bıkmadan izliyorum. Ayıp değil mi? Yaradan sormaz mı köpon tulası?

This team would be great

I like how points at his teammate like “eyyy, way to miss homie” lol

lonzo ball, mitchell, fultz, josh jackson, monk! no ben simmons (he'd not a rookie)

So who would you take Tatum or Mitchell as a cavs fan I love tatums game 🔥watch out

can't watch this in square format.. 😫

Blake Griffin was not a rookie

Lol mushroom head didn’t want to try

who cares???

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23 hours ago



The BEST handles from #NBASummer!
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I'm sorry but every time a ad pops up I gotta scroll to another vid lol

What ever happened to showing the whole screen?

In basketball, you can also pass the ball.

I guess traveling dont matter no more

Never seen so many circus shots in a handles video 😂😂

I hope queen james breaks his freaking ankle.


I hate when people go crazy and say, “he broke his ankles,” when the defender clearly slipped from something other than the actual handles.

Think there's at least two highlights of travels in there lol

1:45 Really? Dude falling on his own and eurostep would make the "best handles" list? If somebody trips it's not automatically amazing ball handling

I love how they only show half of the screen so I don't have to waste my time watching some guy dribble the ball

George watch tai the first one 😂😂😂😂

waste of time, send all these garbage bags to the g league! no real handles my 11yr old son does better 🤦🏾‍♂️

Dang there has to be a record for the most ankles broken in summer league

Ryan I'm taking notes

Maysara Abouelsouid Hamtta الناس دي ايه يانجم 😁😁 عقبال ماتبقي واحد زيهم يا دولي

Aymeric Kess Bgj Ricky Rozaay Desantos Téma comment le boug de Miami il demande de l'aide au sol 😂😂😂

More like best plays of Summer league. Half the clips didn't showcase Superior handles at all

Ty Malik summer league handles


Kiệt Đàm m coi thử cái a chỉ m hôm t4 hiệu quả như nào :))

Thought it was Vince

Is the first boy u in ur prime?? Eramos Junior

tng inang ad. yam

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