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6 hours ago


😱😱😱 In the air, off the backboard, even to themselves! The NBA's high-flyers put on an oop SHOW this season! ... See MoreSee Less


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Like this if you think lakers will be top 3 in the West next season #lakernation

7 hours ago


KJ McDaniels earned the NBA Summer League Championship 🏆MVP🏆!!

Watch his BEST plays from the Championship game at #NBASummer.
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Honestly didn't know they let players in their 5th year in the summer league.

He’s been playing a while more then 2 years I’m sure of it.

Wheres liangello ball?

8 hours ago


Check out the BEST play from EVERY YEAR of Dirk Nowitzki's career! 😱 ... See MoreSee Less


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Where are the thousand plays of him whining like a 7' baby?

I didnt realize how cold dirk was in the early 2000s. With all those dunks i just saw.

Dirk ring is better than lj ring.

Best midrange fadeaway ever. Effortless at 7 feet tall.

Simply the best European ever in the NBA (y)

That tap to kobe hahahaha Kobe be like: ok ok great, i did that fade away buzzer too Legend respects legend

changed the game and was completely unguardable

so much big guys are awesome athletic right now in the nba but dirk have the best / deadliest shot

There goes Nowitzki's signature move. 😎🏀

When did they change the traveling rule everyone walks and carries the dam ball

been watching him do amazing things since he first joined the league. what a helluva player. I can't believe he is going to still lace them up for the mavs at 40 years old.

love MJ & Kobe. KB is hands down my fave. but Dirk has the most unstoppable fadeaway.

Dirk is an all time great , but who else gets away with that many travels ? 😂😂😂

legend the 7ft shooter <3

Dirk Nowitzki... his style is unique, priceless and so many things that i can't illustrate. One of the greatest players of all time...

Not enough spoken about #loyalty NBA needs more Dirks #legend

Such LOYALTY this guy have. He's from a country where bball isn't the #1 sport.

I named my son ( Dirk )for this guy

Respect is championship more than anyone elses

Michael for reals no excuses this season we will be seeing Dirk!

Taylor See the dunk on three supersonic player was nasty af 🏀🏀💯

I wish nash would have stayed in dallas

Ryan Rathjen the man has been doing it for a long time!

Nick Etue so under appreciated. Probably my favorite non Laker ever. The moment with Kobe towards the end 😂

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9 hours ago


The Toronto Raptors' dominant bench was led by #KiaSixthMan of the Year finalist Fred VanVleet! Relive his TOP plays from the 2017-18 Season! ... See MoreSee Less


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Raptors... get rid of coach of the year, get rid of a franchise player. Next step. Get rid of their sixth man finalist. Operation Tank has got the green light. 👍

He might be too good. Watch out, they might trade him

Some hard fouls on him that where never called smh

Pour ceux qui joue au pari sportif : Ajoutez Bosstruk sur snap il est au top avec ses matchs arrangés

What’s going on with LeBron?

mine is wet, do you want to

📢📣📢🔊👄👄 i was wanting to make love 👍💟💞💢💣

One of the best regular seasons the raptors have had. It sucks we got rid of our coach a great rookie and our franchise player 😕 people need patience!!

Lukas da ist der Fred

Sweep again

Sweep again

Solid finisher


Future Star!

Ryan Leung ur boi

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10 hours ago


The NBA's first triple-double machine!

Turn back the 🕑 with Oscar Robertson's early career highlights!
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"nba has 8 teams that time"

Boring player overrated

Wow its pretty pathetic that the nba has changed so much from then until now that people can't even appreciate greatness

The history of NBA should never be overlooked. There are heroes who really stood to see the success of this platform.

They need to release the royals throwback 😔😤

Weak as hell back then.

Durant juega como el (sacándole el triple a Durant eso si) siempre llegando hasta el "codo" y el flamenco...

2 of these highlights were of him getting a loose ball. Wow.

Westbrook is better than this guy

Please come back the Kings need you

lol they all had vertices like me.

Oscar Hernandez ayyyy

Versatile 😉

This music is trash

Cristian Germes ajajajajajajaja

First injury in NBA?

Jeremy Se


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Triple-double? NO PROBLEM for Courtney Vandersloot!

Check out the best moments from tonight's performance (13 PTS, 15 AST, 10 REB) as she scores the SEVENTH triple-double in #WNBA regular season history! #WatchMeWork
... See MoreSee Less


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Question. Why is it always empty in WNBA compared to normal NBA?

If they lowered the goal the wnba would be 100% more watchable

I would rather read a post about the freaking Warriors than this garbage, and I’m a Cavs fan. Doesn’t the WNBA have their own page? Even women don’t wanna watch, you’re beating a dead horse at this point.

The triple double stat line is: 3 loaves of bread, 3 slices of ham and 3 strips of bacon.

The NBA is more exciting than WNBA. More support on the men's side on the women's side less support doing the regular season

Is there no post about a girl dunking?

WNBA > NBA Fight me

Said Elbahi😜😜😜😍

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11 hours ago



Anthony Davis' TOP 10 defensive plays of the 2017-18 season!
... See MoreSee Less


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PTPA uy! oo ikaw. ikaw na nagbabasa neto. broken ka ba? o kaya nais mong ibahagi sa nakakarami ang iyong tula? o baka naman gusto mong ibahagi sa nakakarami ang buhay pag ibig mo o kahit ano? pwede mong bisitahin ang page na to Hoy Ex sinisigurado ko na makakarelate ka sa mga quotes nila.

He is a real DPOY.

Best big in the game

Future MVP. Hope he can get on a real team and get a ring.

lại số 23

📢📣📢🔊👄👄 i was wanting to make love 👍💟💞💢💣

송원준 너가좋아하는 갈메기 데이비스

Wilson Ong ni ke yi xue xia mah

come to la plz



Hamza Derouichi حاجب العيون😎😎😎

Adrian De Vera Quilanita uto future mo ata to e😂

Eta da Lukas Davulis

Vlado Ravlić

Cihat Aydın

Márcio Stéphanie

Oliver Böhm

Chong Jie Koh猛

Tyler Prchal

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12 hours ago


Wind it back and relive Clint Capela's TOP 10 plays of the 2017-18 Season! ... See MoreSee Less


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Any 7 footer in decent shape can do that

“Like” if you think Golden State is overpowered. “Love” if you want game balance in NBA.

who cares???

Harden's top 10 assists.

He shouldnt ask for too much money, he wont be too effective offensively witbout the feed from the PG

He is still not worth 100M!

Not sure if it's Capela's highlights or it's James Haren. Lol

Clint capella is a beast

Yuri Azuelo tignan mo numbah wan hahaha

Domantas Margelis gerai judi :D

Alastair Hemingson Ross Morrison


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13 hours ago


Josh Hart led the #NBASummer in scoring, earning him NBA Summer League MVP honors!! Grab a 💺 and relive his best moments! ... See MoreSee Less


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I see another jordan clarkson in this guy, I just hope he'll be consistent with his shooting,

who cares???

best moments? You mean like how he T'ed out in the 2nd half of the championship game?

Austen Bowker poor Knox

The next Lonzo Ball hahaha...

Døn Julíø 3pt C but i'mma give his inside a- miight draft him some day lol


Questo pure “got game” Luca Mauro

Mike Poindexter see yo boy on the end on the bench

Lets go Miami


tang ina mo

Geoffrey Leonardo baka malayo marating natin sa playoffs.

박민제 내가 어제 가리켜준거 쫌 나온다 보고 배우도록

John Gifford bron gonna make him even better

Chase Schwant

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14 hours ago


Collin Sexton came to play at his first #NBASummer!

👀 his BEST plays in Vegas.
... See MoreSee Less


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His drive to the rim is so pre-injury Derrick Rose like

NBA rookie of the year unlike that two year sophomore ben simmons i hope the NBA get it right this time

sexton- see you in finals bron

He'll be a top 3 roty candidate

Marco Luca Mauro Wait le carte in regola ce le ha secondo me,minuti li avrà..quisso è bono semicit.

Wetbrook type athleticism


Callum Radcliffe ya mans did work

Wesley Greenaway hes gonna b so goof

Kapangit ng lastname... Parang laruan

Go to 0:50 and watch that move , thats baby drose


next pat beverly

Shan E Zahra chotay pack mai bara dhamaka ⛹️‍♂️🏀

Tighe yung d rose

I didn’t know he was that good.

luka doncic

Tyler Booth gotta keep an eye on this Lil homie

Achi Gogishvili ჰო გითხარი ამას აქ ირვინგის ნომერითქო

Prew Sonny Lopez bagtik murag irving

wao wao

Sam Granger 2:00 oh my god


Ricardo Jose Espiet Lopez JA QP este chamaquita va a dar dolor de casco


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15 hours ago


In a down-to-the-wire thriller, Cavs Legion GC halts the Warriors Gaming comeback to grab the 4-point victory!

Watch the NBA 2K League LIVE:
... See MoreSee Less


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The only time you’ll see the cavs beat the warriors 😂

If he really wanted to be with you, he wouldn't confuse you. Real men know who and what they want and go for it. Weak men will ask you to lead them through the darkness, then let go of your hand when they find the light. Don't waste your time on a man who hasn't decided what he wants, its draining and unnecessary stress.  💯 

Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:7‭-‬8

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At least the cavs won something

yeah boy!

Lance Alap-ap Rj Lansangan Matthew Borreta Kevin Wong

Mohamad Chouman, Ahmad Louhaybi

Michael Horvath this is great how they do tournaments 5 on 5. I wish we can we cant even get 2 guys lol

Cale McPherson just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this one. I know you like to keep up to date with these.

Ed Bosveld pretty good plays

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15 hours ago


In a rematch from the Next Generation Showcase in San Antonio, the NBA Academy Latin America defeated The NBA Academy Africa 67-46 to reach the #NBAAcademy Games Finals! ... See MoreSee Less


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Any USAA, PenFed, Arrowhead, security service, AAFCU, SDCCU, OP CREDIT UNION, Affinity plus, or MACU or TRUSTMARK inbox me to make $6000 legal and investment free today!

Y liked Vescovi very much . It's younger and play for your friends.👏🏾

Jermaine Miranda the best


Me gustó Vescovi, muy maduro su juego para 16 años.


They should play the JBA

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17 hours ago


Check out the BEST plays from the 7th overall pick Wendell Carter Jr.! #NBASummer ... See MoreSee Less


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Jérémy ahah regarde le premier bache le mec lui prend le ballon des mains 😂😂

Second one is goaltending, the ball went down already

Stefan Popović wow

Kawhi Leonard 2.0. not like he’s going to develop into him , his play is just already similar to his

Findlay you have to enjoy this

EduardoMarceloDaniel ctm wn el primer tapon, al que se lo hicieron BLANQUEISIMO a cagar

He plays like Tim Duncan

Sébastien Mcrz les 2 premiers contres.....

Jack Jacob he’s gonna be a gun

James Grimward. You don’t like that. You don’t like NBA Basketball 🏀

Chris Adraneda He's pretty beast man!, should be good for bulls

Casper Sommer glæder mig til at se ham i NBA

Barraca Docamping Marcelo Boroske olha o nivel desse cavalo

Hayden Nuske 💪🏼🔥

Another wannabe...

Satvik Chaudhary

Jose Lagunas

Ricardo Silva Filho

Chris Watson

Another wannabe...

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18 hours ago


💥 Game-winning plays, highlight-reel jams and much more!

Week 9 of the NBA 2K League is underway:
... See MoreSee Less


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I think It'd be best if you'd stop posting these videos.



I wonder if it's as painful for them to edit and post these as it is for everyone else to watch it.

Nobody cares

Looked at 20 seconds of the video and wondered how I even played that game? It's been a great 5 months since I deleted it from my hard drive lol.

These are about as fun to watch as some one else playing my Xbox

Tom Baker can’t wait to be drafted next year

I just came to this page to see the reaction to Melo getting kicked out of OKC but this page doesn't post the latest NBA news...what is up with that? they post pointless BS like this.. LOL.. I also remember them posting WNBA 'highlights' when the Lebron deal was breaking...

I'd rather see some wnba highlights..

Does anybody play defense

I dont understand. Are they using my players ? Wouldnt they all be 99?

Yeah I was supporting these at first no lie but too much too much. What they do is abuse game mechanics they aren't thinking with a basketball mind. Make a page separate please.

Raph Cournoyer c'est tlm lame, ils flex sur des 2k animations 😂😂😂

Josh Nagle 😂 this is what I was telling you about hahahha

How many posts + how many comments does it take for you to stop putting this crap up????

do they even know that the right stick exists? only left stick, and shoot and pass button

What about defensive highlights?

Looks like ps2 graphics

Miguel Jobin je trouve ça tlm wack


Alex Windhaeuser favorable animations lol


Il cartonne ce jeu à la Fnac direct

Skip To My Lou matko i tam jeszcze jest.....:O

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18 hours ago


Man I can't tell you how much FUN hosting #KidsChoiceSports was!! Tune in with the family tonight to find out if your favorite athletes won a blimp...or got slimed!! We're on at 8/7c on Nickelodeon! ... See MoreSee Less


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What’s the appeal of having Shrek bust a nut in your face, I don’t get it.

When coach told Chris Paul to get in the paint, this isn't what he meant!!

Chris Paul is this punishment for the lost in last NBA finals....? You look like green demon 🧞‍♂️


woj about to tweet: "Source: Houston Rockets Guard Chris Paul isn't expected to survive from injuries sustained during his time hosting Nickelodeon Awards. Paul was 33."

Karam Brar Robert McGuire James Crane when you try two wank the hulk and shrek at the same time ✋💦

Cyril Stanfield tema ton gars endirai un allien lui a cracher sur la gueul

Chris is like finally get to hang around people my size 😂 😆

Did he wear one of his PE exclusive Jordan’s? If I were him....I...couldn’t with all the slime.

Yo ask Shrek if there gonna be a new movie soon

hulk liked this :D

Is that a cum

Shrek did it well

Joey McCauley man of the people

Pulled his hamstring walking on stage, out for unspecified time.

This is why baseball is a dying sport

Uhhhhh, yeaaaaahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, take that bit*h. 💦

ο κοντος φταιει :)

אני רוצה חוזה של 5000000 מיליון דולר לחודש

תיקח אותי איתך ליוסטון

בוא אליי לרשיש נשחק אחד על אחד

Hope that paint don't injure you

Hulk, where are you :D ??


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