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7 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Wonderful World
Spectacular Norway Northern Lights 🎥 @norge
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Josip Ljiljana PetrusicNikolina Tenčić Kad budem dolazila sledeći put kod vas, ići ćemo da vidimo ova svjetla. :D Ovo mi je toliko fascinantno!

Noëmie Sorin s’il y a quelque chose à voir au moins une fois dans sa vie c’est ça !

I've literally witnessed this phenomenon thousands of times here in my home country, Iceland. And they still amaze me every time 🤩

How Beautiful is His Creation....Subahanallah...

I wish to witness this penomenal scene before my life ends

Wow .. wonderful view 😍😍

God is having fun..stunning..incredible..

Splendide... peut être qu’un jour je réaliserais ce rêve 🥰🤩

Natali ce que j'aimerai voir de mes propres yeux, pas en vidéo et en Islande 🇮🇸 !

Want to see this in real 😍

I’d love to witness this phenomenon.

Been to Norway before but not lucky to see the phenomenon Northern lights. What months it appears.?

wenn ich sowas sehe muss ich immer an dich denken Sebastian Weinert. Du liebst ja die Kälte und Schnee und die Polarlichter sind bestimmt der absolute Hammer.

It is utterly mesmeric and awe inspiring. Am so lucky my daughter and I were blessed to witness the northern lights 😄

So want to see this before it’s too late 😞

James Ramsey~~ Wouldn’t it by amazing to see this all the time when we move to Alaska, after Nikolai graduates HS?

So, Whats the best time to go watch The Northern Lights?

che fantastico spettacolo!!!!! Quanto mi piacerebbe vederlo almeno una volta nella vita!!!!

Same in the Upper peninsula of Michigan 😍😍😍

Absolutely beautiful 😍😍...need to go there!

THIS IS spectacular, is wonderful.

Seymour se quema la cocina!!! No mamá son las luces del norte!!

Donnesa Jiji When are we even gonna be lucky to see this. Our first attempt wa epic fail🙈😂😂😂😂

Anton Jullie moeten naar IJsland gaan als dit er is, dan wil ik ook wel mee 😀

Wow... nice beautiful but sooo cold like hell💖💕❤️

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8 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Most Beautiful Places in Autumn/Fall 😍😍 ... See MoreSee Less


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Gerardo Padilla llévame 😍



Fernanda Vendrame

Iman Khan Wazir 😭😍


Briseidy Dee Lunna

Densy Sibaja


Trận này VN mà thắng em sẽ show hết 👄💚 💚 >:(

Karen Wang Qiu no sería primavera? XD


Anh nào Ib Nói Chuyện Đi

Vicko Bayuelo

Btissam El Lina Chouari radi nmchiw lhad lblasa wjdo raskom

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9 hours ago

Architecture & Design

El Goli pedestrian bridge in Tabriz, Iran, designed by Farho architectural design studio ... See MoreSee Less


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Wooow!!! Domenico Sparapano


Un puente asi nunca sera hecho en Mexico Imaginense la sola idea y el pueblo se levanta en armas Pobre de Mi Mexico siempre asta atraz

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10 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Winter in Amsterdam ❄️❄️
📸 by: @gabriel.guita [IG]
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Winter in Amsterdam ❄️❄️
📸 by: @gabriel.guita [IG]


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I’m here now...

Beautiful Amsterdam.

Stefanie Wieten miss spending time with you in the Netherlands.

I just love this city ♥️♥️♥️

Taryn Rose Imagine peeking out of our flat windows!

Winter in Malatya, Turkey

A true magical place. Best winter. I wish I could someone brought me in here. 😌🙏

... in the Netherlands ... winter can be magical ... I was and I saw...😉

Beautiful and amazing place

It's a dream 😊😊😍

Someone take me to Amsterdam please 🙏💕🙏💗🙇💓

Wow. So amazing. I wish I was so in Israel. Just a fabulous


J'ai vu Amsterdam sous la neige 😍 magnifique 💖💖

Michael Simonis chaud partir un petit week-end??😍

Wróciły wspomnienia. .zimowy Amsterdam, a ja znam letni 😊

Boleh tgk je la. Tara pi ipoh pun habih bribu..pi amaterdam kalu..

El paseo santa lucia en Monterrey, México es más bello :'v.

Yoan de Bruyn prochain week-end !!

Weet niet welke Amsterdam dit is Yasmine Le Mare

Valentine Job je m’en vais pour Amsterdam aussi !

Nyáron is klassz, de ez csodás.

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11 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Laverstoke Mill, UK, designed by Heatherwick Studio
Photos by Iwan abaan, Studio Naaro
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Ciinthy Galvan

Tina Peirson gotta go here 😍 you for the gin, me for the architecture 👌🏻

Looks like a nightmare


Valentin tu savais? :p

not impressive not attractive

Caroline Richards

Cyndi Castle-Glosser sis do you feel uneasy, too?

Curly Reserich

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12 hours ago

Architecture & Design

An incredible high tide scene along Roebuck Bay, Broome.
📸 by: Salty Wings
... See MoreSee Less

An incredible high tide scene along Roebuck Bay, Broome.
📸 by:  Salty Wings


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Ali El-Hedek و الله شوفتها عمال ادور علي توقيعك

mashallah ALLAH make Australia so much beAutiful

Kawtar 😭😭

Daniel King 🤗😁

Hegedűs Hege Flóra :) :)

Tuba Öztürk im Mai?

Dominique Morand regarde un aperçu pour bientôt 😉

Whoa so beautiful!!

Dalin mo ako dito Earvin Querrer

Tinu Nguyen, Hồ Lam đây nà đâu?

I have been there many years's amazing ❤️


I’ll be in Australia next year 😍🙏🏾❤️

JasperJay 💓


John Banning let do a WA trip


Jessyca Bouffard je veux aller en australie, australie, australie


I wonder which one will win?

Hisham khedna 3laya hay:)

Ann Aj wenn die nicht Mutanten- Spinnen hätten .. 🙄😂

Axel La Squal qui a jeté la weed dans les cabinets !!!!???

Man .. someone get me A Rizilar .... leme roll this joint !!

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13 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas ... See MoreSee Less


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Firaz Younis

Mary T. Sakr

Ritu Bhargava

Yøuka Bassam

Wafa Alroh

Ramz Buendia Vargas Meii Buendia Vargas

Rivana Hanna

Ankeeta Choudhary


Leela Narayanan Suman Mathevan

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14 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Black cabin in Oslo design @espen.surnevik ... See MoreSee Less

Black cabin in Oslo design @espen.surnevik


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I'm sorry, but that's plainly a bad design no matter how you look at it. 0 safety, 0 comfort, 0 living space, all for looks alone.

Imagine taking the groceries upstairs

then suddenly you feel like you have to pee right after leaving the house

Where are you shitting at? out the window

La única explicación, es que en ese lugar viva un superhéroe...

U`ve seen to many movies with zombies 😂‼️

Looks like a good strong wind would just blow that thing right over

When you want to live in a brand new house, but can afford only an attic.

It needs an elevator.

Building a Minecraft shelter be like :

If this is build for the view why not making it all glass?

Forget the bears what if their is a serial killer out

Bears and Zombies No Problem!

Not for high winds though.

Coming home after a night of drinking would suck, I can see pasted out 1/4 of the way up

Dedicated to the nephews of Robin Hood

I’m thinking cold floors.

Why make it 2 constructions

You are NOT making it upstairs after drinking. 🤕😵

The cabin's to Modern for me. I'd rather have my house.

When u dont likes Spiders in ur House 😳🐜🕷

Seems like, this entire building would be blown away in one single huge wind :)

Id shit my pants if an earthquake happened knowing the foundation is just metal bars.

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15 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Stunning 1 Story Home Design + Plan ... See MoreSee Less


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Aleksandra Bratkowska

Great simple plan !

Carmen Ravago

Nazri Homes

Nhany Araujo Bps

Samwer Samhow

Kristina Senčić

Ke guapooo

i like this :)

Nareen Raad


Justo Muñoz

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Vladimir Blašković

Alejandro Gutierrez Valdez


Ro' Mana


Sami Gashi

Clement Pathoux

Htelyn Allidoc kani na balay oh😂

Betta Civitareale



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16 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Perfect hidden gem in Canggu! ✨ Bali, Indonesia 🌴
📸 by: [IG]
... See MoreSee Less

Perfect hidden gem in Canggu! ✨ Bali, Indonesia 🌴
📸 by: [IG]


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Where is this place?

Nicole Fitz can you please go to this place whilst you’re there and snap chat it to me!!!

Indonesia, beautiful of culture and I life in here 💕

Terrorist Paradise!

Where is exactly ?

Tareq or we could go to Bali 😎

In other news. The faces of war put into a new reality. To provoke the mind. To provoke the heart.

Find out your happiness with VW Car🎀 Let's start the adventure in Bali Whatsapps : +62 815 5877 9424 🌄🌅🌊

The question is HOW MUCH? 😂😂😂

Wowzing I want to go back and stay here amazing

I will only go to Bali for this. Daryl

JazmineFung we go malay, indonesia gor d later la

See you soon ❤️

Love Indonesia . Proud to be Indonesian💗

Where is this place? Which property

I hope they have plan to overcome this problem 😣

Andreea Baeza vamos aquí ahí si me animo a dejar una semana a yuyet

Mahal, Wyn mag Bali tayo next oh...

Kassandra Messerschmidt falls du noch ein Weihnachtsgeschenk für mich brauchst - Urlaub in Bali nur für mich!! Da wäre ich dabei hahahq

Carine Rocha e Gabriela Andrade oq acham da gente colocar na ... algo assim,(nesse formato, que da mais a sensação da foto) com a lg, apenas dizendo onde é ?

Bali kok rumah adatnya minang, apa beneran bali

Guillaume je vais te marquer sur tous les post sur la Thaïlande et L'Indonésie jusqu'à ce que tu craques 😈

Darfst du mir gerne im Garten bauen😂😂lass dich dafür auch mal auf der Terrasse liegen😘

insya allah next trip

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17 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Yummmmm <3 ... See MoreSee Less


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Beatrix le Widl, juhu noch mehr Verwirrung um die Entscheidung schwer fallen zu lassen 😂😂😂😂

biko sa monthsary natin pls.😘😘

Anna Maria Huber...aber bitte dieses mal mit weißer schokolade füllung 🤩🤩🤩

Delyth Evans please galle ti neid hon I boxing day xxx

Stan trebuii sa adaugi și tu ceva poze pe aici 👍🏼💪🏼😉

Ola coś dla Ciebie😆

Szidónia 😱😱😱😳 Te tudsz valasztani ezek kozul? 😃

Madalina Mihai Poate.mi faci cadou 🙄 Incepe sa.mi placa ciocolata 🤔

Sandy Sally je viens de faire une overdose lol 😂

Kristopher Passot le tout premier me convient très bien 😜❤️❤️❤️ verkar ha fått inspiration från dig😍😍

Saskia Gerrits dit ziet er ook 😍😍😍😍 uit

Hél Éne tu fait sa quand ? 😃

Ana Vujinović uživaj u pogledu barem 😀

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18 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Cabin in Massachusetts 😍 Tag your friends! 🧡 ... See MoreSee Less

Cabin in Massachusetts 😍 Tag your friends! 🧡


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Sylvie Stéphane ElOdiie Antonin Bryan Lauraline Sylvain Florent VirgieOli Ayden passé Noël 🎄🎅🏼🎁dans un chalet comme ça 😍 le rêve 🤩💜

Dennis Kathy Martin

Madalina Georgiana ❤️

Susanne 🙌


Eiselle Gonzales

Michael Broussard

Tanuja Sookraj




Marena Jacobsen


E un po’ presto

Rin ChanReaksmey


‌زیبا است

Charlie Bender

June Noa Jessica Loulou Rob Schwarz Yous Kalai

Victoria L'Hourre

Roxána Szarka <3


Karim Bouziane

Carol Fourie

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19 hours ago

Architecture & Design

P-S House / J-M arquitectura ... See MoreSee Less


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Mirza Hammad Hussain please check this structures

Pls share more design

Christine Moujahed

Lhen Forbes


Nyto Climent

Dylan Dale

Nahathai Premruthai

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20 hours ago

Architecture & Design

Sarande, Albania 🇦🇱
📸 by: @argenel [IG]
... See MoreSee Less

Sarande, Albania 🇦🇱
📸 by: @argenel [IG]


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Soooooooooo Beatiful

Nature is the perfect architecture

The small Pearl of Balkan!

Pearl of the Ionian Sea👌

Perfect view.......

There is north Mitrovica Kosovo

Must be lovely with nobody living there anymore

Beautiful view! Beautiful Albania!

My favorite photo today.

wow i wish to go there one day.............

Turkey C☆

Right whose trying to get the soul stone?

My cantry!!!!! I love Albania.....veri nise...

SawJoshua Peter Khup KhanKim တြားရ​​ေအာင္​😂😂😂😂

Yann à faire

Elo Dy chez arsmi 😍😘 trop beau

Jas Ber Da war ma a schon 😁

Wunderschön und Wahrhaftig ♥️

Po bukurit e vendit tim.....!!!



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