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16 hours ago


Photo of the Day: Stop, weekend time. πŸ›‘
πŸ“·Filippo Fiorani
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Photo of the Day: Stop, weekend time. πŸ›‘
πŸ“·Filippo Fiorani

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Stop, collaborate and wheelie time πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Love the contrast

Where thé cops

Andrés Torres

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20 hours ago


Obstacles don’t define us, how we respond does. πŸ† Welcome to the team, #GoProAthlete Trevor Kennison. Here’s to supporting the boundaries you continue to push.

Read more about Trevor on the Inside Line. πŸ‘‡

#GoProSnow #GoPro
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Wow, I had no idea this kind of riding was even possible on a sit ski!



Bonnes vacances à toute la famille Biz Nath

Kyle Evans incredible story


Davey Lind imagine how many snow bunnies 🐰 we could pull.

Carson Nyenhuis!!! Wow check him out

Kristen Whitaker Harding

Luc Boulianne

Luke Turbeville

Jordan Sims

Eric Jobin let's go

How to free GoPro ( form Pakistan )


Luke Jepson

Vicki Chiarelli Glover

Jarred McKinney

Jaime Arredondo

Emmanuel Tardif t’as du chemin à faire...🀷‍β™‚οΈπŸ˜œ

Simone Nijssen succes hè deze week


Woow increíble,

Max Herrebout voor de volgende keer

TD TD Mécanique!!!!

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2 days ago


Aspiring GoPro Million Dollar Challenge award recipient Angus Sellen goes speedflying in Mount Aspiring National Park, submits + gets awarded.

Speed, skill + a camera to match. Thanks for bringing GoProMAX along for the flight.

Learn more about Angus Sellen on the Inside Line. πŸ‘‡
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Impressive job with green screen and CG. πŸ‘

If you used your risers you'd have way better control and a lot less input. Give it a try

How do they record this? Drone? If so, 2nd place to drone controller...

Speedflying? Never heard of it until now. And one more thing I will never need to experience. Then again, I'm not one to seek adrenaline rushes.

Best thing about go pro is that even if you got evaporated, the go pro would live to tell the tale

That is absolutely insane.

Awesome! πŸš€πŸ€™

Some people live absolutely insane lives.

Holy shit! Most badass skydive ever! Leave your reserve at home!

So smooth. Moving like a knife through butter.

Only point of the helmet at that point is another camera mount. Wont do much good smashing into that mountain

Can you say, “rock enema?”


Impressive !!!

Shawn Eggum this is the next level of progression after sailboats

How beautiful!!!

WOW! Too scary to watch

Absolutely insane! My God that is totally nuts!

I don't know what he's doing or what contest he's in but he wins.

GoPro - Hi. Could you pls. advise: what is the difference between CHDHX-801 and CHDHX-801-RW ? Thanks

One rock....splat!!

I would've died 318 times if I tried that...

Where's the aspiring $Million$ challenge Fail videos?

Sweet mother of god

Looks more dangerous than wing suits.

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2 days ago


Exercising pets + getting selected as a GoPro Million Dollar Challenge award recipient.

GoPro Family member Diego Prol put Horizon Leveling from GoProHERO8 Black to the test to submit this HyperSmooth sunset run to
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Westie ❀️ like my Axel

I love my GoPro but I’m having so many problems!

Any word on when the display mod will be available for preorder?

Gracie Gone Glamping

I thought horizon level was only a Max thing for video. I have to look into how to do this with my 8 video now.

Awww what a cute lil dog!

So cute


Jessica Raymond Matt Raymond can we put my GoPro on little billy 🀣😍

Reminded me of that creature from Neverending Story for a second.

as usual, no leash. Selfish owner

Mike Howlett Emmy on Kiawah!

Rachel Burnham how cool is this???

Laura J Irwin this could have been bean

Salomé Petrella Castel

Martian Farentario

Shannon Mueser

Lauren Ashley Sawyer

Westie! 😍😍

Lindsey Flaherty

Clay Izzy

Lee Mia shaved pooper lol

Caileigh Clermont it’s a chippy

Robert Bennett πŸ₯°

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3 days ago


Photo of the Day: Wild animals are not pets, but for Kristen Kerr, they are friends. 🐈

Conservationist + environmentalist Kristen Kerr has pledged her life to protecting Africa’s wildlife in her backyard in Gauteng, South Africa.

Celebrate #LoveYourPetDay with us + share your stories, wild or tame, with us at
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Photo of the Day: Wild animals are not pets, but for Kristen Kerr, they are friends. 🐈 

Conservationist + environmentalist Kristen Kerr has pledged her life to protecting Africa’s wildlife in her backyard in Gauteng, South Africa.

Celebrate #LoveYourPetDay with us + share your stories, wild or tame, with us at

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One of the deadliest animals in this planet and next to her a beautiful cheetah.

That cheetah’s married with a wife and kids

Protecting wildlife from her backyard?

Me with horses from Iceland over the weekend. πŸ₯°

We missed them two

I love that streak of red in their hair!

Until it eats her! Then we will have a memorial service for the poor woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good time to reflect on how that "friends" thing worked for Siegfried &Roy?


Such a good boy

Nice shot with a cat.

LOVE cheetahs!!!

Nice 😍

Heather Kline

Euhhh Émilie Bolduc tu nous avais caché ca!! (Julien Harvey, Julien T.Coudé, Catherine Blanchard)

Rachel Elizabeth i thought this was a picture of you.

It is not hungry yet

Kimberly Holbrook my new cat 😁

Sapir Elmaliah

Felix Cat

Anisa Shatri

Fckn awesomeeeeeeee!!!!!

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4 days ago


Get a new GoPro? Pair it to the GoProApp. Trust us, it's easy.

Click the link for more information on pairing to specific cameras. πŸ‘‡
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I finally got a chance to try out my new GoPro Hero 8 during my daughter's first ski week in South Lake Tahoe. I was impressed with the quality of videos (Hypersmooth 2.0 Stabilization) and the editing features (GoPro App). The Protective Housing, 3-Way, and Smart Remote are good value accessories. We have another family vacation coming up at the end-of-summer before school starts again. I'm strongly considering purchasing The Handler and Floaty for the Tahiti trip. πŸ€”πŸ₯½πŸ

Love the app to control a GoPro without having to touch it. Works flawlessly!

got a new samsung phone and due to samsungs stupid feature, if I connect to wifi and there's no internet signal it just won't connect, so when I connect to my camera via app, it won't pair. never had an issue with apple or huawei, so now I can't use the app until I get a new phone.

Hello everyone, do not understand why when I update version 1.60 for go8 this time my device always reported this error and I have consulted the fix but it still fails, my device is android and I should solve it. What is the matter, please help me

I've tried to link up to the GoPro plus. Gives me an adminstration failure. I have a pixel 3. Been working on the problem with Google for a week. They ended up deleting everything on my phone and still won't link up. How do I put you and Google together to fix this problem? Any suggestions?

Horrible app. The features barely work and when they do a second feature causes it to fail. You cant use highlight feature along with 2x speed, it'll just jump all over the place. Then when it somehow works, itll look back a split second of random highlights and ruin the whole thing.

Love my gopro session and hero8. App works well for me but I wish the app had a way to quickly connect between multiple gopros instead of having to re find my other one and going through the process to sync back up. Like a list with your stored cameras and auto connect to the one you select. Just an idea

I absolutely love the GoPro app! it allows you to unleash your GoPro's full potential!

Great, because pairing the GoPro 4 has been a nightmare.

Absolutely love this feature! Anyone that has anything negative to say about this clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about! GoPro team you guys killed it!! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us!

I can't find the special program for the camera 8 in Android

I have GoPro Hero 5-6-7-8 I love them all!

Still have my GoPro4 Session. I love the little cube.

And mine last week decided not to download to the cloud anymore. πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ž

I'm getting rid of Go Pro products slowly, been tired dealing with frustrations here and there and won't continue purchasing Go Pro products in the future. Go Pro, you need to be A TOP NOTCH with all your glitches, app, software issue and such. I've spoken to you several times, no issues in addressing the problem but it's just too much to ask as there's always a problem one after another. Been using Go Pro for a long time and own several Go Pro gears for all my documentations. I need easy, quick access to the footage and not sitting down fiddling with images like pro photographer. I don't have time.

Please make a decent remote. And put some more royalty free music in your app. I'm so sick & tired of those 5 songs

App is having mad trouble connecting and my GoPro is not supported on Windows 10. Kinda disappointed

I have 4 GOPRO 2 Gopro 3+ Black 1 GOPRO 5 Black 1 GOPRO 8Black no problem with the app works fine for me.

“Trust us” yea how’d that work out.

Doing action sports while holding a phone, that’s not going to end well.

Any reason why I can edit key frames in the ap on 360 footage on some devices and not others?

I forgot my gopro wifi password :(

Have you updated the app? Mine is hard to use. Downloaded a year and a half ago.

Update gopro hero 7 silver and fix the damn bugs

lançam a câmera gopro max e nenhum software dá para editar. Vergonha

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6 days ago


Kindness, pass it on. πŸ€™ For #RandomActsOfKindnessDay, we've teamed up with Kindhumans pass their message of continued kindness along.

What kind gesture are you doing today?
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πŸ›Ή Bucky Lasek + Andy Macdonald

Spending day off (unpaid holiday) working on 91 year-old Dad's house while he's in assisted living. The least I could do for him!!

Going to check in on my sick friend. #cancersucks

A smile goes a long way.

Helping my daughters friend with homework

Helping a friend move πŸ˜€ β›Ÿβ¬…οΈπŸ“šπŸ—‘πŸ›’πŸ”¦πŸ–₯πŸ–¨πŸ› πŸ•ΉπŸ€¬

GoPro! Ya the best!

Buying a group of friends and family dinner

Always be kind

That’s Andy McDonald, I wonder who the other very rider is?


Share a snack with a co-worker.

πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž gopro

No way 😍πŸ”₯❀️

Yoooo is that Andy fuckin Mac !?!?! Holy shit !

This guy rules. go pro 8 Please support my page

Randomly punch white supremacists is the kindest thing we can do for humanity.

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6 days ago


Photo of the Day: Hold on. It's Random Acts of Kindness Day. 🀘

Already a GoPro owner? Let's add some accessories to your collection. Comment which product listed below you'd want to receive.

- Magnetic Swivel Clip ~ Susan Stoe Rucker Meisner
- Chesty (Performance Chest Mount) ~ Jason Harrington
- Dual Battery Charger + Battery ~ Mike Burnside
- Sleeve + Lanyard ~ Raymond Hall

We'll pick new commenters until the list is filled.

πŸ“· by Scott Hunter
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Photo of the Day: Hold on. Its Random Acts of Kindness Day. 🀘

Already a GoPro owner? Lets add some accessories to your collection. Comment which product listed below youd want to receive. 

- Magnetic Swivel Clip ~ Susan Stoe Rucker Meisner 
- Chesty (Performance Chest Mount) ~ Jason Harrington 
- Dual Battery Charger + Battery ~ Mike Burnside
- Sleeve + Lanyard ~ Raymond Hall

Well pick new commenters until the list is filled.

πŸ“· by Scott Hunter

Comment on Facebook

Sleeve and lanyard would be a great addition! Video is one I did this last summer showing some swift water rescue training, doing an entrance leap in slow motion. My top favorite video so far!

Magnetic swivel clip. I need it for music festivals, so everyone can see through the eyes of #ZuriTheRavingUnicorn

I'd love that dual battery charger and battery. My daughter's annual ski trip at the Adaptive Sports Center at Crested Butte, CO is in a couple of weeks and it would be great to have a 2nd battery to film more of her adventures!

Chesty would be a great additional pov to hiking and biking vids!

Battery and battery charger! πŸ’― My wife took this pic on our GoPro 8 at Red Rock National Park!

Could use a Chesty or a dual battery charger! I use a GoPro Hero 5 Black and the voice commands can be really handy sometimes 😬

thats kind of GoPro. i like to use/test Magnetic Swivel Clip looking for a long time to a magenetic mount

what kind a change to let my gopro hold on longer with the Dual Battery Charger + Battery

Dual Battery Charger + Battery would be great! Just bought the Gopro Hero 8! So I need a few things... this was on my list.

Definitely would use the heck out of the dual battery charger, but Ill keep charging through the camera happily if I could get a chesty. Gopro Hero 8 footage is incredibly stable, but as a newish (<3 years) skier, holding the camera on a shorty only gets so smooth. Being able to hold both poles or actually grab both handlebars would make my videos 10x better. Either way, I'm happy to have a gopro and will keep cheering on the athletes and creators using this great product, even without a cool chest mount.

My son ask for a GoPro for his 14th birthday. I ordered one last night. I don’t know what is the best or most needed accessories. He’ll be using it on his dune buggy, skateboard and the pelican boat. You guys are GREAT! I love to see what gets captured on the adventures.

I have a lot of gopro mounting accessories, but what I do need is the dual charger. This way I can continue to record all the fun stuff that seems to happen on a daily basis

Chesty (Performance Chest Mount) would add so much to my hikes and climbs. Yahoo- It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day

Could always use a magnetic swivel clip!! So I can capture more footage in places like this! (Switzerland)

Extra batteries are always nice shot on GoPro Hero 7 black

Been crushing it with my gopro all weekend for the travel agency I work with! So usefull skiing or scuba divint. The only camera that can follow me through all costa rica activity

A Chesty would be awesome, a new PoV while I'm metal detecting for historical relics, so I can keep my hands on my tools and still show/educate the public what amazing history is under all our feet!

Dual battery charger for twice as good shots, in half as long time! Feeeeeeeeed my Gopro Hero 2018! You are so awesome!

Sleeve and lanyard , but any accessory though would be a blessing!! Happy Monday 😊

Dual Battery and Charger for those trips back home for pics like these.

Kayaking and snorkeling fun parasailing water fun I could certainly extra charger or a secure best area secure go pro 7 I have love it

Does a GoPro Hero 4 count? It's a GoPro, just wouldn't work with any of those. Always choose the Dual battery charger + battery though. Batteries always die at the worst times.

A backpack mount for one of the straps would be awesome

All of these would be very useful especially the extra battery and charger. Also the Magnetic Swivel Clip would be handy for our hikes.

Magnetic swivel seems awesome! Got lots of batteries and a charger, and don't get use from a chesty with a baby strapped to me!

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7 days ago


Photo of the Day 360 degrees under the seas with Nick Utchin.

TradeUp to GoProMAX today + save $100.
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Photo of the Day 360 degrees under the seas with Nick Utchin.

TradeUp to GoProMAX today + save $100.

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How was this shot made? No way in hell was this made with MAX without any protecting case. Max doesn't do well underwater, it's all blurry and out of focus because of it's lenses. Do share your case with us, I'd like to get one for myself... ;)

Phenomenal shot! 🀩🀩



Not happy with my go pro new and will not charge

Luke Turbeville


Steve Martin

Karen Robles

Derk πŸ˜€

Was für eine verlogene Trade-In Aktion, habe am 7. Januar bestellt und meine alte Kamera eingeschickt - warte bis heute auf die GoPro. Die Abbuchung von der Kreditkarte ging sehr schnell. Nachfragen beim "Kundendienst" kosten nur viel Zeit, bleiben aber ohne Ergebnis.

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7 days ago


HyperSmooth + hyper sendy. ❄️ GoProSnow team days at Mammoth Mountain.

GoProAthletes featured: Tom Wallisch, Jesper TjΓ€der, Sven Thorgren, Nico Porteous

Mammoth Mountain
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This edit is so good!!! Can't wait to see what's next GoPro πŸ™Œ

Patrick Ruane if we skied mammoth

Do you know Tom Wallisch?

Fahad Jaguar mammoth brotherrrrrr

Andy Kevin


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1 week ago


3 of 6 Darkfest highlights.

Hop on board Sam Reynolds's #pov.
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Looks great . Im glad i was older than this sport. I could seriously see my self dying doing this


I freakin love this


On fire bro !

Tyler Fricks


Rob Berry start practicing

Liam Jackson

Marc Boyer

Graham Smith

Matt Shaw

Jay Richardson

RJ Kjome rm trails

Brandyn Dahlquist lets get into mountain biking πŸ€ŸπŸ»πŸ™ƒ

Troy Falk

Guillaume Ladouceur

Dimitri Platteau

Woah dude

Braden Struble😳


Dustin King

Aaron Young is this you?


Dustin CorkranπŸ‘Œ

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1 week ago


The best are back.

Scroll our feed for GoPro moments from the 4th edition of Darkfest. πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ

Kick off with a #HyperSmooth ride through the air from Brendan Fairclough.
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I don`t know which one is more "wow", the guy on the bike or the pilot of the drone.

Really nice drone work, very cool.

This might be the best use of a drone for proper "perspective" I've seen yet. These are monster, monster hits.

Amazing footage

Wow, extra ordinary work between performance and the documentary works using Drone!!!

Thanks for the ride !

Please fix yalls software or firmware all the gopros keep locking up or freezing when filming. And its not the sd card. I bought the recommended card and format it correctly. PLEASE...... fix it. Use to love yalls product. I lose so much footage because of it πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

Would LOVE to ride that line ✊🏼

Is this Adam Harvey with his new gear? I’m sure I spotted a nice bike stand at the end.. James Bee Alex Mitchinson

I know this wasn’t filmed with a karma.

I think this is not only Hypersmooth, but i think Reel Steady Go was used aswell. Just to not "misslead" people. I am not quite sure though but it looks like it.

Merci le drone ;)

The drone skills 🀘🏽

That’s some mad drone skills!

I would have wiped out just getting on the bike

That’s a better bike rider behind him LOL

Erik biking has come pretty far since the “shank” days! This is wild!

Does the camera makes it look bigger? Cause damn it's a freaking huge kicker!

Dude they got some serious downhill parks up here πŸ€™πŸ»

I think the drone is a follow-me drone, there's no pilot

C’est filmé avec un drone! πŸ™„

To old for this now but would have loved to try this when i was in my 20s

Não sei o que é mais top, a imagem do drone ou o piloto

That's some crazy smoothness!

Only had to move a billion tons of dirt to make that line.

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1 week ago


Swim together, get awarded together. πŸ’™

Maiko + Yosi took their #GoProHERO8 Black to the Philippines + came back as #GoProMillionDollarChallenge award recipients. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
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Great video. Keep the Million Dollar clips coming. πŸ‘

I can’t get enough of GoPro Stories. Just Brilliant. Whoever designed that is genius.

GoPro why is your customer service so bad 😒

GoPro 8 black not waterproof at all... full water inside after first test underwater... πŸ‘πŸΌ

et mon père qui m'interdit d'aller au Philippines !!!!

What accessories do you need for the underwater shots like that

So good

Ornella le genre de vidéo (et de voyage) que j’ai envie de faire avec toi ❀️

I don’t think I can take my cat scuba diving πŸ€”

Jan Hervey Geneza

Liam Sigurdsson it will be so exciting to use it

Philippines β™‘

Oscar Lopez

Isabelle Gassner Marc Ramsebner

Liam Sigurdsson I really want one


Sam Salinas

Kristina Nelson

I wanna go right now!!! Andrew LaMew

Alyssa Evelyn


Lindsay McHawks when we do that beach holiday 😍


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1 week ago


"That was insane."

Relive this GoProMAX clip from GoPro MillionDollarChallenge award recipients Andy Lewis + Ben Dicko. πŸ†

More from Andy πŸ‘‡
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Is this adventure included when i buy the gopro?

Incredible !

Wow unreal!!!

Lucas Smith Krystal Janicki i cant even comprehend how cool that was!

That was really cool all day


The only thing I can think of when watching this is the man with a master plan Ingus Augstkalns πŸ‘‘

Respect !!!!

Naim Shak πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘Ή

Corey Jones

Corey Birdman Myers


John J. Beirne

Yyyeeeew 🀘🏻πŸ”₯🀩

Sydney Kelling Micheal Grabosch

Chandler Clarke

Matthew Heldt



Jeremy Speer

Samuel Simard

Mady Rhyner crazy cool

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1 week ago


Hucking it in Kicking Horse, BC on Kristofer Turdell’s winning #FreerideWorldTour run. ... See MoreSee Less

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Great video and amazing skills. it could be better when publishing with the great included features speed and G force info.


Ben-Ami Jacob

Charlie Ortiz

Yo Nel

Lucas Giesen

Luke Auman

Kevin Phillips

Tim Brown

Leonardo Stefani wow!

Shawn DeJarnett are you ready for some of this?πŸ˜†

Jasper Huybrechts Jeroen Moors

Chris Szcinski

Ryan Kent Marquis

Liam Everett

Wouter Bril rare footage of me

Rien van As sick

CJ Blohm

Chris Gaeta

Alice Sergent

Toine Tillemans

Luke RobertTaylor Farr we're covered

Jennifer Pirozek-Snow

Eric Begin-Germain

Jad Langlois

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